Scientific Translation Services

Experienced translation professional working in science and pharmaceuticals, translating from French into English. Documents translated include but are not limited to:
• Texts for scientific and medical journals
• Case studies
• Clinical trial reports and summaries
• Patient report forms
• SmPCs – Summaries of product characteristics
• PILs – Product information leaflets
• Laboratory reports
• SOPs for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry
• Validation protocols and reports for these industries
• Pharmaceutical report to support patent applications
• Pharmaceutical manufacturing process recipes
• Medical reports including toxicology analyses

Three years of translation industry experience combined with eight years of pharmaceutical industry experience with world leader Merck mean I have the extensive background knowledge required so you are assured your scientific, healthcare or medical translations are in safe hands.

Now you’ve seen the kind of work I do and learned a little about my background and experience, go to How to get in touch to kickstart your translation project. We’ll discuss timescale, format, and all your requirements to ensure your translation, big or small, is delivered to your satisfaction.